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October 20, 2013
by JungleBoy

Chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii)

The chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii) tree is a species of dipterocarp that is endemic to Peninsular Malaysia (not found in Borneo) and famous for its durable timber quality. It is also found in southern Thailand near the border with Malaysia, and has been said to have once occurred in Singapore, before its development. Chengal (or cengal) is a monotypic genus, meaning there is only one species in the genus Neobalanocarpus (that is known so far). The strength and durability of its wood (classified as a heavy hardwood) has meant that chengal is highly sought after during logging operations, and it is sometimes referred to as the Malaysian Teak. Continue Reading →

September 14, 2013
by JungleBoy

Mangrove forest

Mangrove forests (also called mangal) are a type of wetland rainforest formation that has its own unique characteristics not found elsewhere. Occurring in coastal regions near the equator, the trees in mangrove forests are all adapted to deal with a highly saline environment that would normally be uninhabitable for other kinds of trees.

Globally, mangrove diversity have been arbitrarily divided into two groups, the Old World and New World groups, with the Old World group having by far the richest diversity of tree species, with the mangrove forests in South East Asia (such as in Malaysia) amongst the most floristically developed, in terms of species richness and structure, compared to mangrove forests elsewhere in the world. Therefore, they are of great interest for scientists and naturalists alike. Continue Reading →

August 11, 2013
by JungleBoy

The Neram tree (Dipterocarpus oblongifolius)

The Neram tree (Dipterocarpus oblongifolius) is a fairly common inland riverside tree in the north-eastern half of Peninsular Malaysia and also throughout most of Borneo (Sarawak, Brunei, Kalimantan, and parts of Sabah). It seems to be absent from the West Coast states, although strangely, seems to be present at the Ulu Kenas Recreational Forest park, near Kuala Kangsar in Perak (which is an exception). In Pahang itself, it is not found in all areas, and therefore can only be considered as locally common. In Sarawak, it is called the Ensurai tree. Continue Reading →

August 9, 2013
by JungleBoy

Weekend excursion to the Merapoh region

I just got back from a weekend excursion to Taman Negara Merapoh (also called Taman Negara Sungai Relau) and the surrounding forest reserves, as part of a volunteer effort to assist PERHILITAN in monitoring the status of the wildlife population there. Once again, the call of the wild never fails to reward me with new and interesting encounters, sightings, and experiences, of which I can only (partially) convey here. Continue Reading →

July 31, 2013
by JungleBoy
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The Lata Berembun waterfall in Pahang

The Lata Berembun (Lata means “waterfall” or “cataract” in Malay) is widely considered as one of the best natural treasures of Pahang state. And you have to visit the waterfall in order to comprehend this statement, like what I did recently. All this while, I always wondered why people would take all the trouble to visit this hard-to-reach waterfall, even coming all the way from Singapore, when they have nice waterfalls much nearer and easier to get to; well, now I know why. Continue Reading →