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Rainforest on hilly terrain


Here are some pics from a trip last year to a patch of lowland forest on hilly terrain in Selangor. The patch of forest is located approximately 150-250 meters above sea level on hilly undulating terrain, with a plateau at the top. This forest was logged in the 70s, but still retains a lot of its original character. Although the size of the reserve has shrunk a lot since the past 5 years, there is a core patch of less than a thousand hectares remaining. The average canopy height is still quite good at 20-28 meters, although there are only a few large emergents.

The forest is dissected with streams and a small river which is crystal clear and abounds with aquatic life. There is animal life in the surrounding forest; although it takes luck to spot one. Gibbons, monkeys, and mouse deer are believed to inhabit the forest, but the larger animals like tapirs or tigers got wiped out a long time ago.

All in all, it’s a pleasant forest with next to no leeches. This is surprising, as I never encountered any at all despite many trips there, even after rain. It’s probably the best thing about the forest – No leeches! This lowland forest is one of the last green lungs in the Klang Valley with a relatively intact structure, and hopefully it shall remain so for a long time to come.

Rainforest trekking

Above - Trekking in the forest

Rainforest stream

Above - A stream in the forest

Stream vegetation

Above - Some of the flora growing within and along the streams

Freshwater crab

Above - A freshwater crab found in the stream

Tiny frog

Above - A tiny frog found inhabiting the streams. It was only 1.5 cm in length.

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  1. OK i just love it then it has a lot of information for my big project ,it also has many forests & in my project i have to find this only i was not getting it anywhere else here i got it so very very tank u to who has made this

  2. What is the name of this location?

  3. @ Charlene
    The site of this was at Puchong Ayer Hitam forest reserve.

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