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The difference between jungle and rainforest

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Wow, this is my first post here.

Well, how should I begin?

This is a site where I’m going to post all my jungle adventures and treks whenever and wherever I do venture into the rainforest. Pictures and my accounts – the whole nine yards, including all my jungle history too.

For starters, I’m going to be using the terms “jungle” and “rainforest” interchangeably here, because both basically mean the same thing in people’s minds. But to be more precise, jungle actually refers in a broad sense, to any place where there’s a wild growth of trees and bushes, a place where wild animals live, and in a broad sense, a tropical place (can be seasonal or monsoonal as well).

A rainforest on the other hand, actually means a place where the rainfall is heavy, and the trees are tall (bushes and tall grass do NOT come to mind), there is a definite canopy, and yes, it is truly evergreen and tropical (non seasonal).

Well then, why did I use the name Jungle Diary? I guess “jungle” is a much shorter term than “rainforest” even though I’m mostly talking about the “rainforest” here. But what does it matter? If you want to learn what a rainforest is, here is a good place as any for you to begin your journey!

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  1. Thanks I liked that!

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